On the giving of the half-shekel donation, the Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Pelagie writes wonderful things: "Anyone who gives a donation of half a shekel … no bad harm will happen to him in that year, and even if a decree (judgment) is passed on him or his family, it is revoked. And he who perseveres in it every year will see seed and prolong life. " And in the Torah in the Parshat Ki-Tissa it is written, "Because you will lift up the head of the children of Israel (that is, you will count them) And they gave a ransom to the LORD, when they numbered them, and there was no plague among them;

Half-shekel memory

Opportunity of redemption and a special blessing

Time of giving

(Throughout the month of Adar especially before Purim

(before March 17)

 If you would like us to add you and your loved ones to a half-shekel blessing, you can donate here via the site and to send us a list of names: name + father's name of each person for whom you donate the revenue, please send the names to 7272mc@gmail.com

The value of the half-shekel according to the money value this year is about 8 $, we recommend giving a contribution of 8 $ per person.

Thank you – Rabbi Ezekiel Nagar