Redemption of soul for blessing and sweetening the judgment.

Sometimes you feel blockages in life and ask "why is it not flowing"?

It is important and worthwhile to offer a redemption prayer for every problem…

It is good to make redemption for a sick person… Sweetening judgment through charity and prayer!

Some people say "atonement for you" and sometimes they mean "I will be your atonement", which is a big mistake


The source of redemption of soul is found in "Parshas Bechutati" in the Torah (Numbers 27:10) where a value of people is mentioned, the reason it is mentioned is because sometimes people said "your value is on me" meaning as your value I will give a contribution to the Temple to be atonement for you. In fact the monetary value will be given to the Temple for atonement on you and not for the person himself to be atonement.

If we want to contribute to the soul redemption of the person, we can choose the regular redemption of 180 NIS or choose a series of 3 redemptions of 540 NIS.

If you want to make a redemption according to the value of the money stated in the Torah

(The value varies slightly according to the value of an Ankit Silver metal on the stock exchange)

For a man aged 20-60, 50 silver coins which is about 2600 NIS

For a woman aged 20-60, 30 silver coins which is about 1800 NIS

Child / teenager age 5-20, 20 silver coins that is worth about 1200 NIS

Girl / girl age 5-20, 10 silver coins that is worth about 600 NIS

A child aged one month to 5 years, 5 silver coins that is worth about 300 NIS

A girl a month to 5 years, 3 silver coins that is worth about 180 NIS

From the age of 60 and up, a man has 15 silver coins which is about 900 NIS and a woman 10 silver coins which is about 600 NIS

Please send the name and parental name of each person for whom the redemption is requested, to the e-mail box


The sages of their blessed memory said that man's soul becomes captive by catalogers and evil forces that envy him, and it is harmful to man. This blocks the person's luck, and the person feels that things are closed from all directions.

Brought by Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai, that it is worthwhile for a person to redeem a soul, and to redeem the soul from troubles and problems, just like a captive ransom captured by the enemy.Virtue to the patient, to make redemption of the soul, and as he brought in the book "The Pamphlet of Hechielia", that the words "and the healer will heal" with the kollel (2 words), in numerology equal to the words "redemption of the soul"

The meaning of the correction is to redeem the human soul from the destiny in which it finds itself with the help of a special prayer called redemption of the soul that redeems the person from all his troubles, both in mind and body.

The redemption is done this way. The person making the redemption takes 160 shekel coins, counts the coins in a special order of the names of the Creator and executes the redemption from potential to the verb, sweetens the law at its root and then prays a special prayer to bless the person.

I have seen cases where the redemption helps almost immediately miraculously and other cases that do not, one should know that it also depends on the personal heavenly account of each and every one

And also giving the value of the redemption according to your ability and no less, the effort that in giving builds a place for receiving the blessing.

The virtue of redemption, in many cases, is to remove evil and bring mercy!

Why is redemption made using 160 coins?

Since the word "The shadow of the soul" is equal in numerology 160.

The shadow of the soul is the link that connects the soul to the body, without the shadow of the soul

There is no life as it is said "with the shadow of the soul a man will walk ".

The old Rebbe of Chabad wrote that the connection between the divine part and the material in man is made through an average force, which is the shadow of the soul

, so it is not by chance that the numerology of the Hebrew word "average" is equal "The shadow of the soul"

In fact, anyone can benefit from soul redemption. Ask for a relationship, ask for children, and ask for healing, for a livelihood, peace at home, when luck does not flow… The correction is made with "intentions and meditations" given from the book of Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai.

Anyone who is interested in having a redemption prayer done for him here in Israel can register and pay via the     following link :                                To donate via PayPal, click on the orange button

Please write in the comments of the payment page the name and name of the parents for the person for whom the prayer will be, address and telephone number to contact