Special "Redemption of the soul" before Rosh Hashana

It is important to make a special redemption before Rosh-Hashana for all members of the household on the eve of Rosh-Hashana. It is worthwhile to redeem each member of the family. "Redemption of the soul" is helping to redeem the judgment by giving some form of charity! It is good for every problem including removing obstructions in life.

Our sages said that a person's soul is being held captive by the evil forces who envy him, and that are harmful to man. This blocks the person's luck, and the person feels that things are closed from all directions.

It is said by Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai ben Yitzhak Zerachia (commonly known as the Chida, was a Jerusalem born rabbinical scholar, a noted bibliophile, and a pioneer in the publication of Jewish religious writings) that it is worthwhile for a person to redeem the soul from problems and troubles, just like redeeming a captive that was captured by the enemy.

The meaning of this prayer is to redeem the human soul from the decree in which it is found by means of a special prayer called "redemption of the soul". This prayer redeems man of all his troubles, both in the soul and in the body. The redemption is performed as follows: We take 160 shekels worth of coins, count the coins according to a special order in accordance with the names of the Creator, sweeten the judgments at their roots, and then recite a special prayer to bless the person.

I have seen cases in which the prayer helps almost immediately miraculously and other cases not. Much also depends on the personal Correction of each and every individual and their intention or focus. In many cases, the judgment can be transferred to mercy!

Why we are using 160 coins?

The actual connection between the soul and body is accomplished by "Tselem" (צלם) the Hebrew word for this connection. The numerical value of "Tselem" (צלם) is equal to 160. Without a "Tselem" represented physically by the number 160 in coins in this case, there is no connection between the two, soul and body, life, to empower this focused correction.

In fact, every person can be assisted by "redeeming the soul". A request for marriage, a request for children, a request for health, livelihood, peace, and more. This specific meditation and prayer was revealed in the book of the Chida, Kabbalist Rabbi Chaim Yosef David Azulai.

Anyone who wants us to conduct the prayer on their behalf can register and pay via the following link: Click here to pay 18$ is the suggested minimum donation for each person for whom the prayer is to be performed.


Please send the name of the individual and their parentsname’s (Hebrew and English name) for every person for whom the prayer is requested. Send this information directly to the following email: 7272mc@gmail.com .

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