It is customary to make redemption for all members of the household before Rosh Hashanah

Redemption of a soul to bless and sweeten the judgment

Original redemption of the soul of the Kabbalists "Hida" and "Rashash"

Sometimes you feel blockages in life and ask why it "doesn't flow"?

At times like this it is good to make a soul redemption for any problem… it is good to make a soul redemption for the patient… the sweetening of the judgment through charity and prayer!

Some people use to say "atonement for you" and sometimes mean 'I atone for you', which is a big mistake, why?

The source of the redemption of a soul is found in the parashat Bhakti in the Torah (Bamadbar 27:10) where the value of people is mentioned, the reason it is mentioned is because sometimes people said "Your value is on me" meaning that according to your value I will give a contribution to the Temple so that it will serve as an atonement for you. "This is actually the monetary value will be given to the temple to atone for you and not that the person himself will be atonement.

If today we want to contribute to the redemption of a person's soul, we can choose the normal redemption 180 NIS or choose a series of 3 redemptions 540 NIS.

If you want to make a redemption according to the value of the money stated in the Torah

(The value varies slightly according to the value of the silver metal in the stock market)

 For a man aged 20-60, 50 shekels in silver metal, which is about 2600 shekels

 For a woman aged 20-60, 30 shekels of silver metal, which is about 1800 shekels

Child/teen age 5-20 20 NIS silver metal which […]